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The Brunette behind Brunette Blossoms

Ashley leads as the creative mastermind behind Brunette Blossoms, customizing the floral aesthetic of every occasion to perfectly match her clients’ unique style. She is a self-taught designer who later took master design courses in Manhattan to perfect her craft. After freelancing for a couple of years, she officially brought Brunette Blossoms to a permanent home in Metro-Detroit Michigan in 2019. Ashley’s previous work in the medical field provided her with a unique perspective that she now integrates into her floral business. The medical field taught her precision, attention to detail, and a strong focus on client care. She takes pride in the personalized experience she has developed for the BB brand, from being involved in every step of the floral design process to hand-delivering the bouquet on the wedding day. Every floral detail is uniquely created by Ashley to ensure a cohesive and tailored design. Ashley would describe her style as timeless, elegant, and sophisticated - trendy but not over the top, classic but not boring, and effortlessly chic. She gets her floral, style inspiration from an array of sources. The grandeur and romantic allure of French colonial architecture permeates her designs with intricate detailing. The picturesque landscapes of the Italian countryside or California wine-country incorporates elements that evoke a natural and organic feel. Her style aligns best with fashion houses Dior, Hermes, and Yves Saint Laurent. Using unexpected textures, interesting color palettes and unique floral combinations that echo the elegance and glamour synonymous with these fashion icons.

The Creative Visionary

Owner, Creative Director

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...instilling a belief that the “world is her oyster” has been so very important to me. I want to teach her that she can accomplish anything through determination, hard work, and resilience. Floral design, once a simple 'hobby' serving as a creative outlet, has now blossomed into a flourishing business that I wholeheartedly adore. Brunette Blossoms gave me the ability to leave my unhappy, rigid and demanding corporate job to pursue a life I love. From instilling the value of perseverance to fostering a mindset where challenges become opportunities for growth, I aim to empower her to fearlessly pursue her dreams and carve her unique path in this world; I never want her to feel stuck in anything. I strive to be not just a guide but a living example, illustrating that with dedication and a passionate heart, she can conquer any endeavor she sets her mind on.

As a mother of a daughter...

Shatter those glass ceilings sweet girl.